Bentley Customers Increasingly Customizing Their Cars in 2023

Bentley Motors had a successful year in 2023, delivering a total of 13,560 luxury cars globally. This marked the third highest sales record for the company, despite an 11 percent decrease from their best year in 2022. The interest in personalized luxury vehicles saw a significant increase, with 43 percent more customers opting for customization compared to the previous year.

The luxury SUV Bentayga continued to be the top-selling model, accounting for 44 percent of total sales. The introduction of the Extended Wheelbase (EWB) version further boosted its popularity. Bentley’s home market in the UK emerged as the leading region for hybrid models, with nearly a third of sales being hybrid vehicles.

Although some regions experienced weaker demand due to external factors, Bentley saw positive growth in certain markets such as Asia Pacific and the Middle East, India, and Africa. The Americas maintained its position as the largest global market for Bentley.

In a statement, Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and CEO of Bentley Motors, expressed optimism for the future despite challenging market conditions. He highlighted the strong order bank going into 2024, increased interest in high-value models, and growing demand for bespoke personalization as key factors driving the company forward.

The regional sales performance for Bentley in 2023 reflected varying trends across different markets. The Americas, despite a 9 percent decrease in sales, remained the top-selling region. China and the UK saw declines of 18 percent each, while Asia Pacific recorded a 5 percent increase in sales. Europe and the Middle East, India, and Africa also saw shifts in sales figures.

Bentley concluded the year with 235 retailers across 63 countries, emphasizing the brand’s global presence and reach. The company’s commitment to delivering exceptional luxury vehicles tailored to individual customer preferences continues to drive its success in the competitive automotive industry.

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