Benefits of Colostrum Supplements for Health, as Per a Nutrition Expert

The latest trend in supplements is colostrum, which is the first milk produced by the mammary glands after birth. While traditionally used to support newborns, some health and wellness influencers are touting its benefits for adults as well.

Registered dietitian Joanna Gregg, RD, weighed in on the trend to determine if bovine colostrum supplements actually have any health benefits for adults. She debunked claims that it can boost metabolism, stating that there is no scientific evidence to support this. Instead, she emphasized that weight loss is best achieved through reducing caloric intake.

However, bovine colostrum supplements do offer some potential benefits for adults. They are nutritionally different from mature milk, with a higher fat and protein content and lower lactose content, making them desirable for adults. Research has shown that these supplements can help reduce gut inflammation in individuals with GI infections and improve recovery time for athletes after intense exercise.

Despite these potential benefits, Gregg does not recommend bovine colostrum supplements to her clients due to the lack of conclusive information. She advises individuals with GI disruption or diagnosis to consult their doctor before trying the supplement. Ultimately, she emphasizes that weight loss is best achieved through a caloric deficit and a balanced diet.

If you are considering taking bovine colostrum supplements, it is important to talk to your healthcare provider first. Remember, there is no easy fix for weight loss, and a nutrient-dense diet is essential. For more guidance on weight loss, you can refer to the Essential Guide to Weight Loss. And for tracking your calories, you can download the MyFitnessPal app for free.

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