Avoid Google installation for using Gemini on your iPhone with this alternative shortcut

Google recently rebranded its generative AI products under the name Gemini, offering a range of AI services from search to productivity apps. Users can now choose between the free Gemini option or the paid Gemini Advanced subscription. The Gemini experience is also available on mobile, with Android users able to integrate it with Google Assistant through voice commands or gestures. iOS users can also access Gemini, with a simple installation process as shown in a previous guide.

Interestingly, there’s an even easier way for iPhone users to get Gemini without installing a separate app. By simply signing into the Google app with their Google account, users can start chatting with the chatbot using text, voice, and images. Additionally, iPhone 15 Pro users have the option to create an Action shortcut for the Google app to access Gemini even faster. The integration of Gemini on iPhones allows for a seamless and convenient AI experience across devices.

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