“Act now: 3G network from Vodafone has been deactivated, impacting millions…current trends”

Vodafone has officially shut down its 3G network after nearly two decades of providing super-fast mobile communication services. The decision was made to reallocate resources towards enhancing the 4G and 5G networks that the majority of Vodafone customers now rely on.

Unfortunately, this move means that users with older 3G smartphones, such as the iPhone 5 and earlier models, will need to upgrade to a device that supports 4G or 5G to continue accessing the internet on the go. While these older phones will still be able to make calls and send texts, they will no longer be able to use mobile data without an upgrade.

Vodafone has provided a list of affected phone models, including the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Nokia C2-01, and BlackBerry Curve, among others. Users can check if their phone is affected by visiting Vodafone’s website or by using the IMEI Info website to determine compatibility with 4G networks.

The decision to retire the 3G network will allow Vodafone to focus on improving the energy efficiency and capabilities of its 4G and 5G networks. By repurposing the 3G spectrum, Vodafone aims to offer stronger and faster network connections while significantly reducing its environmental impact.

The transition away from 3G is also part of Vodafone’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions for its UK operations by 2027. The company’s UK network director, Andrea Dona, emphasized the importance of focusing on the benefits and future possibilities of 4G and 5G technologies over outdated 3G infrastructure.

Overall, Vodafone’s decision to switch off its 3G network signifies a shift towards more advanced and sustainable mobile communication systems, offering customers a better and more efficient network experience.

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