‘A company plans to construct the tallest skyscraper in America’

An architecture firm and developer are planning to construct the tallest skyscraper in Oklahoma, USA. Earlier this month, architecture firm AO and developer Madson Capital introduced the boardwalk at Bricktown, a skyscraper complex in Oklahoma that is set to become the second tallest building in the United States. However, they have made changes to the design to aim for it to be the tallest building in the country.

The proposed complex includes three small towers around 100 meters high and one skyscraper known as the Legends Tower. The height of the Legends Tower has been increased from 533 meters to 581 meters, making it 35 meters taller than the current tallest building in the United States, One World Trade Center (546 meters). Globally, it would rank sixth behind buildings like the Ping An Financial Center in China (599 meters) and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (828 meters).

The Boardwalk at Bricktown will encompass 1,776 homes, two hotels, shops, restaurants, and recreational facilities. The Legends Tower will feature an observation deck on the upper floors with a restaurant and bar.

It is still uncertain whether the Legends Tower will be constructed as planned. The building permit for the previous design of the skyscraper has not yet been secured, and the recent changes may cause delays in obtaining the necessary approvals. It remains to be seen if this ambitious project will come to fruition.

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