“5,300 new tokens introduced daily in 2024”

The creation of tokens in the crypto space has been on a rapid rise, with over 540,000 tokens already established as of early April. On average, there are 5,300 new tokens being introduced daily in 2024. This accelerated pace has surpassed more than half of the 830,000 new tokens created in the previous year, hinting at a potential record-breaking year for token launches. The crypto landscape now boasts over 2.5 million tokens, marking a substantial 5.7-fold increase from the 440,000 tokens at the close of 2021.

The milestone of one million crypto tokens was initially achieved in September 2022, closing the year at 1.15 million tokens and showing an impressive 159% year-on-year growth. The trend persisted with a further 72.3% increase to 1.98 million tokens by the conclusion of 2023. Despite the surge in token creation, it is important to note that the total count encompasses not only active tokens but also includes meme coins and defunct tokens, reflecting a broader shift towards tokenization in the crypto market.

The report also highlights the influence of “meme coin seasons” on the spikes in token creation, with a record high of 195,735 new tokens introduced in March 2024 following a resurgence in meme coin trends. Platforms such as Pump.fun have facilitated the launch of tokens, indicating that future meme coin seasons could potentially trigger even more substantial surges in token creation.

Additionally, the consistently high numbers of new tokens introduced in January and February 2024 suggest a burgeoning interest in on-chain speculative activity beyond just meme coin trends. This trend indicates a growing interest in tokenization and the exploration of new opportunities within the crypto space.

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