‘2024 Honda Prologue Review’

Honda Unveils “Prologue” – Their First-Ever Electric SUV

Honda has introduced its all-new electric SUV, aptly named “Prologue,” in collaboration with GM. Leveraging GM’s Ultium battery-electric-vehicle platform, the Prologue marks Honda’s foray into the electric vehicle market.

The Prologue is categorized as a midsize two-row utility vehicle, measuring 192 inches in length, slightly longer than the Passport. With a wheelbase of 122 inches, courtesy of the Ultium underpinnings, the Prologue offers a spacious interior without feeling overly bulky.

During a recent test drive in California, the Prologue impressed with its nimble handling and responsive electric powertrain co-developed with GM. The 85 kWh battery powers all models, providing up to 281 miles of range for dual-motor all-wheel drive models and 296 miles for front-wheel drive models.

While “Sport” mode enhances acceleration, the focus remains on comfort, evident in the well-designed suspension and seats. The cabin features an 11-inch digital instrument panel and an 11.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system, integrated with Google apps for seamless connectivity.

The exterior design of the Prologue reflects a “neo-rugged” aesthetic, blending sleekness with aerodynamic efficiency. With Honda’s commitment to introducing more electric vehicles worldwide by 2030, the 2024 Prologue serves as a promising introduction to their modern EV lineup.

Starting at just under ,000, the entry-level Prologue EX is set to hit dealerships in March 2024, signaling Honda’s electric future.

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